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Evidence-based practice is the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence.

Evidence is exploding:

It has been estimated that to keep abreast of only 10 journals, you should read 200 articles monthly.

Therefore, if you were able to find the time to read one article daily, in one year you would be five and a half years behind.

This estimate does not take into consideration the 6-7% growth per year of this body of literature.

Even if you are able to read that one article per day, it will not guarantee clarity for what changes should be made.

restorative nursing: range of motion demonstrations

The following video clips demonstrate active Range Of Motion exercises. Click on the thumbnail images to start playback of a video. Always check with the supervisor/nurse or therapist to discuss the plan of care for instructions or limitations before starting an exercise or ROM program. Click here for the set of Passive ROM videos.

active range of motion

Head and Neck

Overview Head Starting Position Head Chin to Chest Head Tilts
Head Turns


Scapular Retraction Shoulder Horizontal Abduction Shoulder Rotation Shoulder Abduction
Shoulder Abduction with Theraband Shoulder Flexion/Extension Shoulder Flexion with Theraband

Chest, Trunk and Abdominals

Seated Rowing Chest Pull Exercise Trunk Flexion/Extension Trunk Rotation
Wheelchair Pushups Abdominal Squeezes

Elbow, Wrist, Hands

Elbow Flexion/Extension Wrist Rotation Palm Up/Palm Down Hand Finger
Thumb Circles

Back, Hips, Knees, Ankles

Bridging Hip Abduction/Adduction Hip Extension/Flexion Leg Marching
Knee Extension/Flexion Ankle Extension/Flexion Ankle Rotation
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